The Article

Article is a type of determiner.

Article include two types: Indefinite article: a/an and definite article: the

Indefinite article

1.Indefinite article means ‘one’, but ‘one’ emphasize the number, ‘a/an’ emphasize ‘anyone’.

2.Plural(eg. men) can NOT use “a/an”.

3.The following circumstances can NOT use Indefinite article:

1.A word doesn’t have Plural form, such as Substance(eg. water) and Abstract(eg. honest) can NOT too.

2.Name and place can NOT use too.

4.When a/an used as complement:

Whether the complement can use ‘a/an’ depends on the subject.I don’t want to summarize a rule with this situation. I think I can control it by intuition.

eg: Mr. Robert was president of the school. Someone say he is a better president than Mr. White. Mr. Robert is also a member of the Council of the city.

Definite article

1.Definite article means ‘that’ or ‘those’.

2.The+Adjective = Noun. eg. the poor, the older

3.The + Proper nouns  = Unique. eg. the sun

4.This is a most interesting book. 这是⼀本⼗分有趣的书。(Compare:This is the most interesting book I have ever read. 这是我读过的最有趣的⼀本书。)